The Mediation Process DVD


Details & Special Features

  • $99┬áincludes shipping and handling (allow 10 business days for receipt).
  • The mediation can be shown from beginning to end or viewed stage by stage.
  • An introductory segment shows the parties arguing about the key issues in the dispute before being referred to mediation.
  • The role play demonstrates the use of a six-step mediation process with co-mediators.
  • The final segment reviews and demonstrates the skills of asking open-ended questions and identifying interests.
  • The entire mediation is conducted in a joint session.
  • Continuing Education credit available for DRC Volunteer Mediators.

Developed for use by…

  • Basic mediation training programs.
  • Mediation refresher courses.
  • Orientations for mediation program administrators.
  • In-service trainings for HR professionals.
  • Anyone wishing to see a demonstration of the process and skills needed for interest-based dispute resolution.