W.B. Goodwin Community Center

Monica writes :


My name is Monica and I’m writing to you on behalf of The W.B. Goodwin Community Center. I work with a group of girls from the local juvenile detention center and have to deal a lot with conflict between the girls and found your site very helpful http://www.austindrc.org/information-resources/links-resources.php

Earlier this week one of the girls at the detention center came across this page, dealing with conflict resolution and asked me to pass it along – http://www.complaintslist.com/dont-get-revenge-conflict-resolution-skills/

If it’s at all possible, could you incorporate her suggestion on your web page? I would like to show her (Kenya) that her efforts have reached others outside of the community and I notice a change in her for the better.

Thank you again for making such resourceful site. Let me know if you get a chance to update!



Kris Responds:

Kenya, one of the adolescents involved in the W.B. Goodwin Community Center’s outreach programs, has researched and shared the following article on Conflict Resolution Skills as an aid in learning more productive ways to handle conflict with others.  We happily share it with our public as well:


Thank you, Kenya!!  Keep up the good work!