Discrimination civil suit

Looking for proper guidance:

I am trying to learn how to go about filing a civil suit against a N.P.O that i have been working for for the past 5 years as a director. The civil suit is about discrimination that has developed with my employer since April. I was told to sign a sheet of paper that said the past 5 years of my work was totally volunteer. I declined and since has been demoted and replaced. As i was told the reason for this action was because of my age and race. I am lost. What should my next step be?? I am looking for proper guidance.

Kris Responds:


Give the Equal Justice Center a call at:

510 South Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704-1738
(512) 474-0007

They help with labor issues, unfair treatment of workers and class action suit advice. If they are not the best option for this issue, then ask them for the appropriate legal referral.  The DRC doesn’t give legal advice on matters such as this.  It will, however, assist you in mediation efforts if you have a desire to talk further with the NPO before pursuing litigation.  If that is the case, give one of the case managers a call to set up a mediation at 371 0033.